View XL - True immersion. Now accessible !!!

03 | 18

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View XL - True immersion. Now accessible !!!

Know that feeling of never having enough space? Get immersed in VIEW XL! No matter what you’re watching, magnify your experience with an accessible18:9 widescreen format that optimises your display space. More screen, less border.Browsing the web? Read more text on your screen. Enjoy more while watching series, playing games and perusing pictures. Love doing 2 things at once? Split your screen for convenient multitasking. All this without the bulk! This impressive 5.99” HD+ screen comes in a smartphone you’ll love to carry. Ever ready for post-worthy selfies! Immortalise your momentson the 16MP front camera. Selfie by night with low light optimisation and focus on you with Live portrait blur. That’s not all ! Discover the bigger VIEW XL now.


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