“Buy Wiko, Win Air Blade, Get Chevrolet”

“Buy Wiko, Win Air Blade, Get Chevrolet”

The first customer who received the award in the 3rd lucky draw “Buy Wiko, Win Air Blade, Get Chevrolet” (dial on 18/01/2016) is Ms Nguyen Thi Trang.

She is in grade 11 and she had to save money for long time to buy Wiko Lenny 2. When family were announced that Trang won a Honda Air Blade, they were so surprised and did not believe. “We are workers and have to work so hard to earn enough money to raising our children, how we can dream about having a luxury motorbike?” – Trang’s father shared with us. Trang’s mother was so shy when sharing: “I even do not dare to bring Wiko Lenny 2 to here because I’m scared that it may lost and we can’t receive the prize”.

Wiko are so proud and happy when we can bring happiness to many families across Vietnam.
“Buy Wiko, win Air Blade, get Chevrolet” campaign is happening till 29/01/2016.

Join us, why not? New Year, new car, new Honda, new success!

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